Chesapeake College’s 学生 enroll at different ages 和 career stages. Some people want to earn college credit in high school. Others pursue an associate of science or arts degree. Many seek 学分 to transfer to a four-year or graduate program. And countless more take continuing education courses for professional advancement 和 personal enrichment.

Chesapeake is the high quality, convenient 和 affordable place you can turn – 和 return – for lifelong learning.


Looking to start, advance or exp和 your career? Chesapeake provides a pathway to build a great resume. From entry level 和 professional advancement to new careers, 我们提供证书, 学分, 课程和ceu, up, 或者围绕你选择的职业. 今天就开始吧.



艺术、人文学科 & 社会科学

Chesapeake prepares 学生 for many diverse careers in the arts, humanities, 和 social sciences. Whether building a liberal arts foundation to transfer to a four-year college, or taking courses for personal enrichment or skill-building, our programs position our 学生 for success.


演员, 艺术总监/经理, 作曲家, 策展人, 数据科学家, 经济学家, 编辑器, 活动策划人, 电影/电视录像制作人, Government 和 Public Administrator, 格兰特的作家, 历史学家, 记者, 图书管理员, 博物馆技术员, 音乐家, 政治家, Professor/Educator in Higher 教育, 心理学家, 公共关系专员, 社会研究人员, 社会工作者, 社会学家, 工作室的艺术家, 剧院技术员, 作家


文科 & 科学一.A., 音乐认可信, Theater 和 Performance Studies Certificate, African-American Studies Letter of Recognition, 全球 & International Studies Certificate, A.A. 按学科分类:沟通, 英语, 历史, 心理学, 社会学, 西班牙语, 戏剧及转学



业务 & 会计

业务 owners, bankers 和 captains of industry have started their careers at Chesapeake. Our business management programs prepare a solid foundation to enter the entrepreneurial ranks or join any one of the region’s employers.


应付帐款, Advertising 销售代表, Customer Service Representative, 销售协调员, 办公室主管, 零售店经理, 销售代表, 小企业经理


会计一个.A.S., 会计 高级证书, 会计基础证书, 会计 Letter of Recognition, 工商管理A.A.工商管理A.A.S., 业务 Management Certificate, 业务 Management Letter of Recognition


刑事司法 & 法律研究

Thous和s of Eastern Shore residents launched their public safety 和 legal careers at Chesapeake. Our core programs provide a strong foundation for 学生 to start or strengthen employment with police agencies, 政府及律师事务所.


书记员, 狱警, 犯罪现场技术员, 联邦执法官员, 青少年事务主任, 法律助理, 律师助理, 警察, 私家侦探, 缓刑代理, 零售安全, 受害者主张


刑事司法A.A.S., 刑事司法 Certificate, Current Officers Program, Law Enforcement Officers CEUs


教育 & 儿童发展

Chesapeake has been a leader in education since we opened our doors.

Elementary 和 secondary education 学生 intern at schools in the five-county service area.


托儿中心主任, 照顾孩子的提供者, 辅导员, 幼儿教师, 小学的老师, 中学教师, 高中教师, 特殊教育教师, Principal 和 Assistant Principal, 课程专家, 识字的教练, 图书管理员, 教学助理


Early Childhood Development (A.A.S., 高级证书, Basic Certificate 和 Letter of Recognition), Early Childhood 教育/Special 教育 A.A.T.,二级:化学.A.T.英语A.A.T.数学A.A.T.物理A.A.T.,西班牙语A.A.T., Elementary 教育/Special 教育 A.A.T.、教师助理证书



The Eastern Shore’s abundant natural 和 agricultural resources along with growing jobs in renewable energy 和 sustainability make Chesapeake a great choice. 是否自雇, 在政府工作, 商业或非营利, or looking to transfer to a four year school, our programs prepare 学生 for a broad range of environmental careers.


清洁能源经理, 生态学家, 能源审计, 环境教育工作者, 环境科学家, 农民, 水文学家, 景观设计师, 自然RESOURCES经理, 海洋学家


农业的.A.S. (Production or Sustainability), 生物科学A.S.环境科学A.S.、文科 & 科学一.S. 农业浓度



Long renowned for educating generations of health care providers, our exp和ing programs include careers in administration, sports management 和 emergency medicine. From hospitals 和 sports fields to dental, veterinary 和 specialty practices, employers value health care professionals.


上瘾的辅导员, Administrative Medical Assistant, 行为健康专家, Certified 护理 Assistant (中央社), Geriatric 护理 Assistant (GNA), 临床医疗助理, 牙科助理, EMT, 医疗记录/健康IT, 护理人员, 私人健身教练, 药学技术人员, 抽血者, 物理治疗师助理, 放射技师, RN护士, 外科手术技术, 兽医助理, 医疗编码专业


Emergency Medical SERVICES, Exercise Science & 健身, Human SERVICES (Behavioral Health, 成瘾辅导), 健康的职业, 中央社, 医疗记录, 护理, 放血, 物理治疗师助理, 外科手术技术, 放射科学, 普通学院课程A.A. -专职医疗重点


Science, Technology, 工程师ing & 数学

As scientific 和 technological innovations drive our knowledge-based economy, STEM skills are critical in almost every industry. From healthcare 和 construction to agriculture 和 business, Eastern Shore employers look to hire people with STEM training. Our STEM programs prepare 学生 to transfer to four-year universities across multiple disciplines.


精算师, 生物学家, CAD起草者/协调员, 化学家, 网络/信息专家, 工程师, 地质学家、地理学家, IT Technician/Help Desk Support, 实验室技术员, 统计学家, 验船师, Web Designer/Social Media Coordinator


生物科学A.S., Computer Science Technology A.A.S.



Whether starting a business or working for a legacy manufacturer, trades programs prepare 学生 for some of today’s most in-dem和, 以及高薪职业. From repair 和 construction to processing 和 assembly, skilled trades talents are sought by employers.


公共汽车司机, 商业司机, 施工经理, 电工, 总承包商, 验房师, 暖通空调技术人员, 房地产经纪人, 虚拟设计师/CAD绘图员, 焊机


商业司机’s License: Class A 和 Class B, 电工, 加热, 通风, 空调(HVAC), 起草 & Design Certificate, 验房师 Licensure Prep & 考试, Home Improvement (MHIC) Licensure Prep, 海洋交易, 专业船长, 房地产执照准备, 米格 & TIG焊、贴焊 & Flux-cored Welding, 和 Workforce Training Credentials

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